He has served as Leon County Property Appraiser since November 1992. The Leon County Property Appraiser’s office currently manages and certifies property values and exemptions for over 107,000 parcels totaling close to 27 billion dollars in just value and 15 billion dollars in taxable value annually. Mr. Hartsfield attended all local schools – Florida High, TCC and FSU - and holds the professional designation of Certified Florida Appraiser, CFA. His resume reveals a long family history of strong, personal core values regarding public service in this community. His office has received several awards from the International Association of Assessing Officers—The Public Information Award, the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award, as well as the Prestigious IAAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. Read more
A former state licensed home builder, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge in real estate to the Property Appraiser’s Office. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University with a major in real estate, along with twenty-four years of experience in property appraisal and assessment administration. A resident of Tallahassee for forty-three years, Doug has a unique insight into the history of the county and the direction of growth and development.

As Chief Deputy of Appraisal Services, Doug directs a staff of twenty-five employees in the production of annual assessed values for all property in the county. He oversees five departments in the valuation of different types of property including residential, commercial, agricultural, vacant land, and tangible personal property. Annual reassessments for all parcels require the use of computer assisted mass appraisal models. Doug is designated by the International Association of Assessing Officer’s (IAAO) as an Assessment Administration Specialist, and as such is considered an expert in the calibration and application of the appraisal models.

Aside from his duties in the office, Doug is a certified instructor for the IAAO and regularly teaches week-long courses in appraisal and assessment practices. He has been a guest instructor at the FSU School of Real Estate every semester for the past ten years, and is often recruited as a speaker for local civic organizations in our community.
A life-long resident of Tallahassee, Kathy has over 40 years of experience in the Property Appraiser’s office. She holds the Certified Florida Evaluator (CFE) designation awarded from International Association of Assessing Officers for experience and course work. In addition she has a couple of years experience with a private residential appraiser in Tallahassee. A graduate of Florida State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Kathy brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to this office.

She is currently the Assistant Property Appraiser. Her duties include responsibility for the administration of the office as a whole, tax roll compliance with the Department of Revenue, and serves in the place of the Property Appraiser in his absence.

In her free time she enjoys her family and grandchildren, as well as being an active member of Good Shepherd Catholic Parish.
Maureen Mitchell is the Director of Management Services in the LCPA. She oversees the administrative side of the tax roll, which includes ownership of all properties and the administration of all exemptions.

Maureen is a life-long resident of Tallahassee, a proud graduate of Florida State University. She holds the Certified Florida Evaluator (CFE) designation awarded from International Association of Assessing Officers for experience and course work. Having more than 10 years experience with the Ad Valorem Tax division of the Florida Department of Revenue, and over 20 years experience with the Property Appraiser’s office, Maureen is uniquely qualified for her role in this office.

“As Director of Management Services, I consider providing outstanding customer service to the citizens of Leon County a top priority. It is our goal that every interaction with this office be a positive one. We believe that each taxpayer should be treated in a respectful, efficient, professional and knowledgeable manner.”